Amazon Smiles Program

amazon smile. you shop. amazon gives.
Go to and log in with your Amazon account.  Choose Immaculate Conception School, Celina, as your charity to support, and Amazon will donate 1/2% of qualifying purchases to Immaculate Conception School each quarter.  Please note, purchases can additionally be paid for with Amazon SCRIP, increasing your support of the school.  Amazon SCRIP is available in $10 and $25 increments in the SCRIP in stock, but amounts in increments of $20 may be ordered through the Raise Right app or website!  

Immaculate Conception School receivedthe following donations from Amazon Smiles in the past year:

  • $93.79 for program activity between 01/01/22 and 03/31/22.
  • $59.99 for program activity between 04/01/22 and 06/30/22.
  • $74.17 for program activity between 07/01/22 and 09/30/22.