Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition Policies for 2023-24

Immaculate Conception Parish is committed to provide a quality faith-based education to its families at a fair and equitable tuition rate. The actual cost for educating each child at I.C. School is well over $6000. The parish supports the school and its families with funds from the weekly collections, which makes the tuition rate lower than the actual cost.

The base tuition rate for K-6 is $5,000, but several layers of financial aid are available to families who qualify.   Tuition for preschool 1 is $700 per year and tuition for preschool 2 is $1300 per year. (There is no financial aid available for preschool.) 

Families of students in grades K-6 can apply for financial aid by completing an application with FACTS (link is available under Prospective Families: Enrollment). The funds for these additional grants, which also come from the parish, are limited, and applications must be submitted by March 30 by returning families to qualify. Families are encouraged to apply in January or February in order to be eligible for diocesan tuition assistance through the Catholic Education Foundation. Recipients of those grants are notified in February or March.

In addition, Immaculate Conception is an approved provider for the Ed Choice Expansion Scholarship from the Ohio Department of Education, which is based solely on parental income up to 250% of the federal poverty level. (Please see the income chart below to see if your family would qualify for the Ed Choice Expansion Scholarship.)

Immaculate Conception School is also an approved provider for the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship program through the Ohio Department of Education for children with specific learning disabilities and other health impairments.  Please contact the principal to discuss your child's special learning needs and help to determine if IC is a good fit for him/her.

Families will receive their tuition agreements in May/June.

A separate application process is available for families to request “Adopt-a-Student” funding if they feel they need further assistance in paying their tuition charges. This program is funded through personal donations specifically set aside to assist families who need greater assistance. Adopt-a-student applications will be available as soon as tuition agreements are sent out in May, and families may request an application at the school office. Adopt-a-student funds are limited to what has been donated, so it is recommended that applications are made early to assure an equitable distribution of funds.

Financial Aid Details

  • 72% of I.C. families qualify for some type of aid.*
  • About 30% of I.C. students qualify for scholarships through the Ohio Department of Education (Ed Choice Expansion or Jon Peterson).**
  • About 42% of families qualify for Parish financial aid.
  • 28% of families pay full tuition (many of these families do not apply for aid)***
  • The average parish grant for 2021-22 was $2,053 per student.
  • Parish grants range from $940 - $3,100 in 2021-22
  • Income of Families receiving Parish Aid ranges from around $50,000-over $110,000



1.  Family income of $61,817 - 2 children, both I.C. students - received grants of $2,800 per student.

2.  Family income of $120,382 - 3 children - All I.C. students - received grants of $1,400 per child.

3.  Family income of $87,673 - 2 children – Both I.C. students - received grants of $2,500 per child.

4. Family income of $81,330 - 2 children - Both I.C. students - received grants of 2,200 per child.

5.  Family income of $130,105 – 4 children – 2 I.C. students – received grants of $2,000 per child.

*Aid includes state scholarships, Catholic Education Foundation, and parish aid.

** Ed Choice Expansion Scholarships are available for students in K-6 whose family income is at or below 250% of the poverty level.  Jon Peterson Scholarships are available to students who have an identified learning disability and are on a IEP.  Most of our families with incomes below $50,000 qualify for and receive the Ed Choice Scholarship, which pays 100% of their tuition.

*** For families who do not qualify or do not apply for financial aid, a multi-child discount is available – 10% for 2 children, 12.5%  for 3 children, and 17.5% for 4 children.

**** Parish Aid is calculated on the basis of income minus allowable expenses and then based on equal ratio formulas.  These are actual samples from the 2021-22 school year and do not guarantee any future amounts.